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I am an Echo Park attorney.  Choose the right lawyer you can trust and who is a part of your community.  As a lawyer, I provide quality legal services to working people and owners of small businesses. Many people work hard to achieve financial success and may occasionally need an experienced attorney to protect their legal interest. Business contracts, joint ventures, consumer transactions, family law, tenancy, home ownership, wills and estate planning are part of the legal services I provide.

For community inquiry about Friends of Echo Park please send me an email through the Contact section at the end of this page. Please type “Friends of Echo Park” in the message box. If you would like to receive occasional legal updates, please also use the Contact section at the end of this page and type “Legal Updates” in the message box. Thank you for your interest.


I bring to the table experienced legal representation to achieve successful outcomes for my clients. I have over 25 years of legal experience to assist you with complex legal issues. Partnership agreements and other joint venture business proposals require thorough legal analysis before executing. Recent California mortgage laws have been enacted to protect the legal rights of homeowners. Same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states. California same-sex couples who made their estate plans prior to the United States Supreme Court decisions in 2013 and 2015 may need to review their plans in light of these decisions.

I have lived in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles for over 30 years. My volunteer community involvement includes being a founding member of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) and the first elected president. As president of GEPENC, I worked closely with then city councilmember (now Los Angeles Mayor) Eric Garcetti.

Thank you for your trust and your business.

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2020 New California Laws

New California laws include the following: In 2018, California enacted a new data privacy law, California Consumer Privacy Act.  The Act became effective January 1, 2020.  Californians now have a right to find out what personal data a business has on them and to “opt-out” of the business right to sell their personal data to […]

Impeachment of Donald Trump

January 9, 2020, UPDATE: On December 18, 2019, The United States House of Representatives voted to Impeach Donald Trump, HR RES 755. “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” United States Constitution Article I Section 2 clause 5. “The Senate shall have the […]


I began my legal career as a public interest attorney. Today I bring the same public interest commitment to my representation of successful business clients and working people who are presented with legal issues beyond their expertise. Many years of practicing law and volunteering my services for the greater benefit of my community have given me insight to achieve successful legal outcomes for my clients.


I received my law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where I developed my passion for justice. I studied business and corporate law at Brooklyn Law School in New York City. My Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics is from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. I have over 25 years of experience practicing law in California.

I am an adjunct professor at Southwestern Law School. The course I teach is Public Interest Law Practice.

I am an experienced litigator, and I negotiated settlement agreements and prepared for trials, in cases involving the Federal Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), California Fair Employment and Housing Act and Unruh Civil Rights Act. I have extensive court and jury trial experience, including in the office of the Los Angeles County Public Defender and California State Bar Office of Trial Counsel.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and prior to law school, I designed, developed department procedures, programmed and implemented computer systems covering financial transactions, payroll and personnel for a major Southern California bank and insurance company.